Flite Test: RC Planes - Drones - Multirotors (general)

Special guests From RCExplorer.se David Windestal and Rotor Riot's own Chad Nowak join the FTAfterhours in studio. We discuss racing quads and what the future might hold for freestyle pilots plus hear some fantastic full scale gliding stories from Chad. Thanks for listening

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Special guests David Windestal and Adam Drain join us for this unscheduled podcast. We stole David from Chad's basement and took him out flying. Listen in to find out his thoughts on the Flyzone Beaver and the Phantom 3. Adam shares some of his wealth of WWII airplane facts and stories on the B-17. Thanks for listening!

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Today Austin got an opportunity to talk to two FT employees that not a lot of people get to hear from. Jake Marshall and Mitchell Gray join the podcast today to give some background, exciting updates and context for FT STEM - Flite Test's educational curriculum that meets national standards for the classroom and also is a great resource for summer camps, community groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, ROTC programs, church groups, home school groups and really anyone that is trying to transfer STEM skills through scratch build aviation! Find out more at www.ftstem.com

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The Afterhours crew discuss a couple top news stories and a huge list of new flying RC products from the last couple months.

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Josh, Austin, Alex, Peter and Stefan (big group today!) sit down and discuss Flite Fest, the new Drone Racing League and some very cool Flite Test updates!

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Join Chris ,Wayne,Andre and Stuart from Hobbyking as they cover every little detail and the development process of the new Durafly Tundra. thanks for listening

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Josh, Josh, Alex, Austin and Peter talk about how Flite Test started and how the business has developed into what it is today! This was a live presentation at the AMA Expo 2016. 

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Join us for one of our longest podcasts yet. The studio was packed with Chris,Mike,Pat,Scott,Andre and David. We discussed some of the newest flying and non-flying gadgets from the C.E.S. show. Debated some top news stories in the hobby, answered more questions submitted from our listeners and shared some of our favorite real life flying stories. Thanks for listening

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Chris brings in a friend of his Pat Truesdell and with Andre on the line have a Fun bench flying session about what happened in the last month of 2015.

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Join Chris and Andre as they have an in-depth interview with Hobbyking's very own Stuart Warne. Find out how he got involved in RC,his deep passion for the Durafly brand and what the future might hold. Thanks for listening

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