Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

A live Q&A podcast from Flite Fest 2014 featuring Josh Bixler, Josh Scott, Peter SChris Roncaglione, Alex Zvada, Austin Furey & Chad Kapper. We had an absolute blast interacting with the audience and answering your questions. 

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Adam Drain from the liberty foundation sits in studio with Chris and shares his awesome B-17 stories Libertyfoundation.org. 

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Trappy stopped in to talk to us about what he has been up to lately and recent FAA shenanigans. 

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Brendan Schulman successfully defended the first federal case ever involving the operation of a commercial drone in the United States, Huerta v. Pirker. (appeal pending) Brendan has been into RC flight for over 20 years and enjoys many aspects of the hobby. 

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We discuss some of the newest developements in the FAA's essential ban of flying FPV and we also get a chance to sit down with Tony Cake and Sander Sassen about our trip to Europe and Immersion RC. 

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In the episode Chris and Wayne review the new Parkzone Sport Cub and let you in on what's good,bad and how to make it better

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We discuss new Rotor Bones series updates, quad copters we have been flying lately and how to dial in or lock in your multirotor.


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 After a day of thermal flying, Mike Kuhlins joins us in the podcast!

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In this episode we talk about upcoming Flite Fest, Flite Test for schools, our new upcoming website redesign, our future destination location and answer as many of your voicemails as we can!

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