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Today we have a few special guests on the show:  Mike Finley from the community cast and Chris Roncaglion from the RC AfterHour's crew!  We touch base with both of them about their recent endeavors with their respective podcasts as well as do some good old reminiscing from years past!


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This week we get to hear from Josh and Josh about our NEW community collaboration release with NerdNic, Stem Schools as well as a HUGE glider!!

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Foam Test: https://goo.gl/c2SCpr
NEFF: https://goo.gl/UYHCbh

1:13 - Mig 3
8:00 - 3D printed parts
10:52 - Stem Schools
18:30 - Love is RED
26:30 - Huge Glider(Planiac01)
34:45 - Q&A segment

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Special guest Brendan Schulman,Vice President of Policy and Legal affairs at DJI joins the Afterhours crew for the last FT Afterhours podcast. Brendan weighs in on the new implemented rules and regs for Canada. listen in to find out what the Afterhours guys have up there sleeve for the Future. Thanks for listening

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Today we get to catch up with JOSH and JEN Bixler and get a sneak peak into the early days of Flite Test as well as Josh's take on the Florida trip PART 2!


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Today we take a stroll down Easterday Lane with one of our newest FT members Megan Easterday! This episode gives us an inside look on her background in aviation, how she got involved with Flite test as well as HOW to write an FT article!

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Big FT Afterhours show with Chris,Mike,Andre and David.We were all over the map from fire breathing drones,high performance wings to pink F-18 hornets. Thanks for listening

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Tune in this week to here Josh and Josh talk us through the new UPS DRONE delivery system, Emax's new MICRO Motors as well as some new Micro quad designs!

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C-17 Globemaster Build Thread: https://goo.gl/WAMEuy
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Chris and Andre join guest Stuart Warne from Hobbyking for a Behind the scenes reveal of a new high performance FPV wing. Afterwards he shares some stories from his 6 years with HK and lets us in on what the future might hold. Thanks for listening.

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In this weeks episode we talk with Austin and Josh B. about some new and exciting product reviews, the RED BULL Flugtag Pittsburgh and a STEM SCOUTS group who threw a twist on the Tiny Trainer!!

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Tiny Trainer Mod (Sheppo) - https://goo.gl/q9g5rv

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Chris,MIke and Andre have guests Pat and Scott to discuss there annual adventure to the Swap shop. Andre fills us in on the actual flying of the 3D Labs printed spitfire. The ended of the show we give Pat and Scott there first FPV flying experience. Thanks for listening.

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