Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

In this episode we talk about our very first radio control airplanes! We also talk about our favorite planes and our least favorite planes as well. Basically… it’s story time!


We also talk about our favorite video shoots for FliteTest episodes. Chad and Josh Bixler talk about some of the very, very first FliteTest shoots and Josh Scott shares some funny stories from our shoots in LA.


5 Parts:
1. Introduction- Josh Scott: Why I’m a “Noob”

2. First, Favorite and Worst Airplanes

3. First, Favorite and Worst FliteTest video shoots!

4. Upcoming News

5. Lightning Q&A Round



We certainly want to thank everyone for such a warm welcome to the first episode. Little by little we are learning new ways to put on a better show for you! All of the feedback was read and put to good use.


We want to thank each and every person that took the time to leave us a rating and review in iTunes. Like it was mentioned on the podcast, every rating or review you leave us helps us rank better when people search for podcasts to listen to in iTunes.

By leaving a rating or review you are helping someone who has never heard of FliteTest discover the community. Thank you for that!


On this episode:

Chad Kapper
Josh Bixler

Josh Scott

David Windestal
Austin Furey

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