Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

On today's episode we have Josh and Josh discuss NASA's Model airplane sub scale research lab, a GIANT RACE quad and they even answer your FT community questions!!

Flite Test: https://goo.gl/xDfzaQ
FT Store: https://goo.gl/I40mCU
Flite Fest: https://goo.gl/bf5Prz
Nasa Lab: https://goo.gl/3Wx0yM
Giant Race Quad: https://goo.gl/mR1vm8
Mig 3 episode: https://goo.gl/M9y746

1:15 Community Q&A
21:35 Giant Race Quad
26:45 Mig 3 recap
31:45 Nasa Models!
38:40 Dadventure community showcase!

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