Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

For the past few months we have been trying out a transmitter that is brand new to us from Graupner. We have been very impressed with the technology and I think you can expect to see a lot more of it from us in the future! Hannes Runknagel, the CEO of Graupner USA and OpenHobby.com was kind enough to let us ask him all kinds of questions about his company, product and future. 

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Chris,Wayne and mike discuss some winter flying tips,how more hobby companies have helped the grow industry and the usual birgade of crash stories  

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Josh, Alex, Austin and Peter discuss some flight control boards they have been playing with recently, an upcoming Flite Test multirotor product, why the heli-carrier episode hasn't been released yet and much more!

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Chris, Wayne and Mike offer up some bench flying including Horizon Indoor, a ROTOR DR1 shoot, crash stories and a bunch of new RC products 
Podcast links
Forum crash stories
Where to get all your micro motor needs
David's flying through the trees vid


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Amazon Link!

Josh, Austin, Alex and Peter give an insider look at some extremely exciting things that are coming up for Flite Test. We also try something brand new... a video version of the podcast! This has been much requested and we think we may consider doing a video companion podcast once per month depending on how it is recieved. So if you like it, be sure to leave a comment and make your opinion known!!

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 Listen in as the FT Afterhours crew discuss a diverse set of topics including Crash stories,full scale and a beginners perspective.

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In this episode Josh, Austin and Peter talk about the Flite Test Mighty Minis! We wanted to make some seriously durable planes for the indoor season and I think we succeeded. 
Jen Bixler also took a moment out of her busy day to join the podcast to discuss some very exciting developments on Flite Test Store apparel! Some really fun stuff is coming by early December! We also talk about Peter's insane Heli-Carrier and how that project is coming along. Thanks for tuning in.  - See more at: http://flitetest.com/articles/049-ft-mighty-minis-heli-carrier-and-more?preview=1#sthash.SA4arQsF.dpuf

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The FT Afterhours crew are back with a little surprise. Listen in and find out what it could be.

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We have been a little bit behind on our voicemail questions lately, so we decided to start with voicemails instead of end. Thanks so much for submitting your questions and making these kinds of episodes a reality! 

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Tune in with the After Hours gang to catch up on all of the latest radio control releases!

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We have been traveling a LOT lately! We have plenty of great news for you guys and some important updates, so don't miss this one. 

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I'm sure you have heard about Stone Kap's new project called "ROTOR DR1". In this episode we pull in Chad Kapper and Eric Monroe to get the behind the scene details of this new and exciting web series.

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So what are some of the main things to look for when you crash? Find out in today's discussion! If you have some ideas about things we missed, please share them in the comments of the show notes!

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Interested in the new Parkzone Sukhoi? The Afterhours crew put it through the ringer. Listen in and find out what we like and don't like about the Sukhoi.

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FoamAndTape: Find a little more about the newest member of FliteTest, Peter Sripol! 

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Maybe you have heard some of the main stories and information about Flite Fest but in this episode we take you into the "Behind the Scenes" of the event. There are a lot fo stories to tell, so thanks for tuning in!


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Today we chat all about flying field etiquette! We get to a TON of topics in this podcast but our main segment is what to expect at a flying event or a local flying field. Hopefully if you are backyard flyer and have been considering going out to a club or an event, this podcast is just what you needed to get out the door. :)

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Today we interview Matt Andren, Horizon Hobby's Primary Product Developer. We dig into some really fun questions with him and discuss the process of how Horizon creates new planes, discontinues popular planes and much more. 

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A live Q&A podcast from Flite Fest 2014 featuring Josh Bixler, Josh Scott, Peter SChris Roncaglione, Alex Zvada, Austin Furey & Chad Kapper. We had an absolute blast interacting with the audience and answering your questions. 

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Adam Drain from the liberty foundation sits in studio with Chris and shares his awesome B-17 stories Libertyfoundation.org. 

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Trappy stopped in to talk to us about what he has been up to lately and recent FAA shenanigans. 

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Brendan Schulman successfully defended the first federal case ever involving the operation of a commercial drone in the United States, Huerta v. Pirker. (appeal pending) Brendan has been into RC flight for over 20 years and enjoys many aspects of the hobby. 

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We discuss some of the newest developements in the FAA's essential ban of flying FPV and we also get a chance to sit down with Tony Cake and Sander Sassen about our trip to Europe and Immersion RC. 

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In the episode Chris and Wayne review the new Parkzone Sport Cub and let you in on what's good,bad and how to make it better

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We discuss new Rotor Bones series updates, quad copters we have been flying lately and how to dial in or lock in your multirotor.


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 After a day of thermal flying, Mike Kuhlins joins us in the podcast!

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In this episode we talk about upcoming Flite Fest, Flite Test for schools, our new upcoming website redesign, our future destination location and answer as many of your voicemails as we can!

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Chris,Wayne and Pat are back in studio to discuss some of the many new products coming out and not without a few stories mixed in.

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In this episode Josh Bixler, Jen Bixler and Alex Zvada join Austin for a podcast right after they get back from Joe Nall 2014. Just over an hour of recounting a few stories and sharing about the event!

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In this episode Chris sits down in the studio with a cup of coffee and a microphone and fills you in on whats been going on the last couple weeks.

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We had an awesome time with SleepyC talking about all aspects of the hobby. We talked about RC events, flying giant scale models, huge multirotors and much more!



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In this FTAH podcast it's a double header. First Chris,David and Wayne review the Eflite UMX Radian. Next the guys sit down and listen to David share his memories he had while living in America.

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In this episode we talk about the infamous laser cutter fire incident, adventures at SEFF down in Georgia, new FliteTest product releases and we answered a bunch of Facebook questions! 

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In this episode Chris and Wayne finally get Chad Kapper in the studio. We dive into the Toledo show and discuss what caught our attention.

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Admittedly, this podcast was pretty off the cuff but we had a lot of fun recording it! We talked about upcoming and recent events as well as our FliteTest meet up in Europe that is coming up in late June.

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In this episode David and Chris try something new and sit down for a couple hours and take your phone calls. We talk about RC planes, multirotors, FPV, FliteTest and anything else you guys wanted to talk about!

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Josh Scott joins us today to chat about NEF, what he has been up to lately and to do lightning round Q&A

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In this episode Wayne and Chris catch up with David after being away from the gang for a couple weeks. Chris talks alittle bit about what he was doing on his trip to Florida.

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In today's episode we have a special guest from Team Hitec! Many of you probably know Nick Frederick also known for his decal hobby/business nachocheese.com Nick tells us a little bit about how he got into RC and his early adventures in 3D flying. We also discuss little bit about his involment with Team Hitec and his new decal design projects with Aerobeez.

When you are in RC for a while or are just getting into it, definitely the most eye catching of any other kind of flight is probably 3D flying.
There are so many awesome maneuvers, smoke is often involved and demonstrations are always crowd favorites. We discuss a little bit with Nick on how he eased into some more advanced flying and the best ways to get introduced to that side of the hobby. 



If you would like to leave us a voicemail, please go to speakpipe.com/flitetest

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In this episode Alex and Chris sit down with a special guests Steve Zvada and Bob Parmelee. These guys have traveled the world as pilots in the corporate world and are very passionate about RC flight. We touch on many subjects in the full scale world including sailplanes and hot air balloons. Steve and Bob share some fantastic stories from there many years in aviation.

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Designing your own RC airplane can be one of the most satisfying experiences in this hobby. Today we talk about some things such as: why design scratch builds? There is so much great "ready to fly" stuff out there, why bother with your own creation? Where does the idea for a design start? What programs are best? What are some common problems you find once you take the airplane out for the first time? And much, much more!

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In this episode we sit down with guest Eric Monroe and talk about multi rotors,the future of drones,some behind the scene stories from FliteTest and the hot new products from the Nuremburg toy fair.
Aquacopter video
Eric Monroe's Article post
Lakewood Ohio drone crisis
Interesting hobby related TED Talks
Nurnburg Toy Fair
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In this podcast we talk about "drone" terminology and other recent FliteTest forum posts. The FliteTest forums are a really unique sub-culture that has developed around FliteTest content, popular topics are scratch building, RC planes, FPV flying, multi-rotors. Just really anything we talk about on the show or in the podcast.

Segements in today's episode:

1. FliteTest Forums Discussions

2. What’s New In RC

3. What’s New In FT

4. Lighting Round Q&A

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For this second episode of ft afterhours he have David in studio and discuss a multitude of things. David being stuck in Detroit, reaching your limits, jumping from planes to quads,advancements in the umx scene, the first EFI gas engine, retro series planes from HobbyKing, Viggen, David's butane experiment, bad experiences out flying and much more.

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