Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

In this episode, we have an awesome time with Nic Lechner or "Nerd Nic" as he is known on the Flite Test forums and site. 

We talk about his experience doing some awesome Flite Test Foam airplane designs, how he goes about the design process and how others can get into making or modifying their own planes as well. 

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The Afterhours crew finally get Andre on the line and discuss a mix of crazy crash stories,some Drone controversy and AS3X stabilization.  

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Today we have a great chat with Jeremiah and Matt from Stone Blue Airlines. We see them often at events and enjoy their YouTube channel on making FPV simple. It was nice to sit down with them and get some insight into their business and their personal journeys. 

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After a small hiatus the regular FTAfterhours crew are back to discuss some very interesting crash stories and some great new products. Some being just released from the international toy fair in Germany.

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