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Duncan Clark is a professional cameraman who works on huge cable TV shows. He has found a way to integrate aerial photography as less expensive, more effective way to get some really unique shots for the shows he works on. 

We talk about his set up, shooting with creativity, working with television production companies, legal aspects and enconomic aspects of his job. 



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The Aftershours crew make there yearly trip to Toledo for one of the best RC shows around, Weak Signals.Chris,Wayne and Andre discuss some of the interesting new products from the show.

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Austin, Alex and Eric talk about the rapidly advancing world of aerial photography. We've been paying attention to a lot of the announcements from the 2015 NAB Show and we couldn't help but do a quick podcast on it.

 The Blackmagic Micro camera, 3D Robotoics Solo, the Phantom 3, the Connex HD downlink system, Headplay FPV headset are just a few of the things we were able to touch on. 

It's an exciting time to be in the aerial photography hobby and business! 

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If you like RC crash stories then this podcast is for you. Chris,Wayne and Andre discuss some crazy off the wall crashes.

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