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Chris and Andre join guest Stuart Warne from Hobbyking for a Behind the scenes reveal of a new high performance FPV wing. Afterwards he shares some stories from his 6 years with HK and lets us in on what the future might hold. Thanks for listening.

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In this weeks episode we talk with Austin and Josh B. about some new and exciting product reviews, the RED BULL Flugtag Pittsburgh and a STEM SCOUTS group who threw a twist on the Tiny Trainer!!

Flite Test- https://goo.gl/xDfzaQ
Flite Test Store- https://goo.gl/I40mCU
RotorX Atom V3 - https://goo.gl/t4NzhD
Redbull Flugtag Pittsburgh - https://goo.gl/HfuHjd
Flugtag Boston FT Flight - https://goo.gl/zcDQ5j
FT Stem - https://goo.gl/3LpobS
FT Stem Scouts - https://goo.gl/Ktfu9Q
Tiny Trainer Mod (Sheppo) - https://goo.gl/q9g5rv

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Chris,MIke and Andre have guests Pat and Scott to discuss there annual adventure to the Swap shop. Andre fills us in on the actual flying of the 3D Labs printed spitfire. The ended of the show we give Pat and Scott there first FPV flying experience. Thanks for listening.

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In today's podcast we catch up with Josh and Josh to talk about relationships, an amazing "Toothless" scratch build and even a LIVE Q&A!

Flite Test - https://goo.gl/xDfzaQ
Store website - https://goo.gl/I40mCU
Pietenpol Video - https://goo.gl/oQ0xfp
Pietenpol Build - https://goo.gl/SzcYNr
Toothless Article - https://goo.gl/qIOpSk
Toothless Build - https://goo.gl/1vTZXW
Convergence Vtol - https://goo.gl/IFdxRu

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Today on the Video Podcast we connect with Alex and Josh B. to discuss their eventful Florida trip, World War Veterans, 3D printed Mavic's and the Re-released GoPro Karma!


Flite Test: https://goo.gl/xDfzaQ

Flite Test Store:  https://goo.gl/g4MT9Y

Amimon Connex Falcor: https://goo.gl/84ktPe

Aviator PPG: https://goo.gl/CH51go

Somme 100 (World War Veterans): https://goo.gl/jfTh7D

3D printed Mavic: https://goo.gl/MCO38m

DIYRC Website: https://goo.gl/pSDCW0

GoPro Karma article: https://goo.gl/gToR6T

GoPro Website: https://goo.gl/eVr7SD

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In this FT Afterhours episode Chris,Mike and Andre have friend of the show Paul Jennings on to talk about his first experiences with a HI-Start and also how flying RC airplanes helped him transition over to get his private pilots license. Next up we have one of our favorite guests Stuart Warne from Hobbyking to talk about some of their exciting new products coming very soon. Thanks for listening.

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In this weeks episode Austin and Josh Scott join us to chat about the new Riot 250 quad from Thrust UAV, MicroVector system,  disappearing phantoms and even LED racing hoops!!

NOTES: http://flitetest.com/articles/microvector-riot-250-and-phantoms-ftp140

SITE: http://flitetest.com/

STORE: https://store.flitetest.com/

FORUM: http://forum.flitetest.com/forum.php/


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