Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

Another fun episode with the guys answering questions from the community.

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The boys are back at it with another great episode!

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In this podcast the guys have multiple guests, some local and some from out of town, and discuss the upcoming release of the FT Flerken.

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John Overstreet joined the guys to talked about the Master and Limited Series, and the new SkyFX planes.

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In this episode the guys talk about the upcoming changes to the FTCA. The also chat about the impact that the FT family has on families.

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In this episode Stefan and Lee start the podcast without Josh. They talk about plans for the wedding, and also plans for the upcoming planes. Not too many problems in this one, but a few of the live viewers' questions got answered.

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In this episode the guys talk about the upcoming Meglacy airplane that Josh and Dave are working on. Also, Lee stirs the pot a little bit by bringing up the old bones of the Shinden. Join the guys for an hour of laughter and insight.

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Just another time with the boys! Josh and the guys talk about what's happening around the FT life. 

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The first official Live video podcast recording session with the crew of 2021. Join in for some fun humor and sad stories...

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The guys experience a failure with trying to go live with the podcast but they make the best of things!

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In this podcast the guys talk about some of the effects of the FT Store changing from an outside service to becoming an in-house provider. The guys share how along the transition FT has encountered some obstacles, and then they talk about how they are dealing with them currently. The guys finish out the podcast on a really fun note by talking about the fun they had filming the “Benchy Border Battle” video that comes out the second week of this month. Enjoy sitting down with the guys!

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In this episode Josh explains the role that Lauren International has played in the success of Flite Test. The guys will also talk about the upcoming design that Josh has been working on to release in October.

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Josh and Lee are joined by Stefan in this podcast to chat about life around Flite Test. The guys love hanging out and talking good stuff!

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In this episode Josh and Lee chat about the fun they had at Wings at Work. There's also a little teaser about the next video to be released.

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In this podcast, Josh and Lee sit-down and record one of their conversations for everyone to hear. The idea of the podcast is to give the listeners a look beyond the YouTube channel and product line into that really drives Flite Test. 

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The FT podcast is being resurrected after a couple years laying dormant. In this episode Lee expresses his desire to help bridge the gap between the OG's and the newbies. 

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