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In this FT Afterhours episode Chris,Mike and Andre have friend of the show Paul Jennings on to talk about his first experiences with a HI-Start and also how flying RC airplanes helped him transition over to get his private pilots license. Next up we have one of our favorite guests Stuart Warne from Hobbyking to talk about some of their exciting new products coming very soon. Thanks for listening.

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In this weeks episode Austin and Josh Scott join us to chat about the new Riot 250 quad from Thrust UAV, MicroVector system,  disappearing phantoms and even LED racing hoops!!

NOTES: http://flitetest.com/articles/microvector-riot-250-and-phantoms-ftp140

SITE: http://flitetest.com/

STORE: https://store.flitetest.com/

FORUM: http://forum.flitetest.com/forum.php/


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At Flite Test we love to create content that’s newer and better for our wonderful community. With that in mind, we decided we wanted to take our podcasts to the next level, so we’ve added VIDEO! Join us every Thursday for new podcasts as host, Stefan, talks about what’s going on at Flite Test, RC news, general aviation and more!

This week Stefan the Joshes chat about Flite Fest West, automated test stands for brushless motors, the Vortex 150, full-scale planes and the brand new FT Pietenpol. 

Show notes Link: http://flitetest.com/articles/our-first-video-podcast


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The Afterhours guys are trying to get out of the winter time blues and get some motivation to get out and fly. Surprisingly after the holidays there were some new products getting ready to hit the market. Thanks for listening

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The first podcast of the new year brings Chris,Mike,Andre and David from FTAfterhours back for a fun, crazy,no agenda, bench flying session that is sure to give you some laughs. Thanks for listening.

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2016 is almost over and the Afterhours crew throw out the last one for the year. Chris,Mike and Andre have friend of the show Patrick Hines joins us ,as he drove head first into this 3D airplane printing. We learn from Patrick some of the trials and tribulations to this new concept. next we discuss some of the highs and lows of 2016 and what we might buy someone for Christmas,RC related of course. Thanks for listening. 

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FTAfterhours own Chris,Mike and Andre discuss the differences between the Tiny Whoop and the Inductrix FPV. which one would you choose? Other discussions include the Rotor Riot building dive video,3D printed planes and a few funny stories mixed in between. thanks for listening.

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The Afterhours guys touch on the new Phantom 4 and talk about if its worth upgrading. Special guests Nate and Abby from RCSaylors who are a husband ,wife duo who love to review,crash and bash just about anything RC related on there Youtube channel. Entertaining and fun,go check them out and thanks for listening.

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The FTAfterhours guys have a full studio and shared some of there recent flying adventures which always include some sort of failure. We also got our hands on the DJI Mavic Pro thanks to our friend Justin. Listen in to see if it was everything we thought it was or should everyone stick to there trusty Phantom 3 or 4. Thanks for listening.

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Austin, Josh, Josh and Alex talk about products we have been testing lately and ultimately how we select which products are a part of our programming!


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Today Josh, Josh, Bob and Mitchell talk about upcoming Part 107 requirements for existing pilots and the STEM challenge Josh issued to the MESA RC Foam Fighters! http://flitetest.com/

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The FTAfterhours guys have special guest Sean Pontzer from Getfpv.com. We find out first hand from Sean the ins and outs of running a successful RC online business. Thanks for listening.

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Chris and Andre from FTAfterhours have another bench flying session.listen in to find out the big news from Andre. Tons of new products have been released or on their way soon. We discuss some of the ones that have sparked our interest. Thanks for listening.

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In this episode of the FTAfterhours Chris,David and Andre break down all the fine points of the 2 most anticipated drones just released on the market.

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Special guest Stuart Warne from Hobby King joins the FTAfterhours crew to give us all the details on the new Durafly Excalibur warmliner.

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Chris,Mike and Andre from FTAfterhours sit down and discuss all the good and bad of the new Eflite Timber. Listen in to find out how it stacks up to the rest of the competition. 

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Josh, Josh, Alex and Bob get together to talk about lots of stuff, including the new video format, the Flite Test Vlog!

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Chris and Andre try and catch up with whats going on since there has been hardly any flying since Flitefest. The guys try and answer the number one question "how did you get that shot" with tips on what equipment to use and tips for better video and photos. Andre fills us in on his new habit,flying DLG's and that it doesn't have to cost a fortune to start out. thanks for listening to the FT Afterhours podcast

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We had an awesome time at EAA AirVenture! Josh Scott shares his passion for learning about WWII veterans. 

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Join Chris,Mike and Andre as they ring up David Windestal after his worldly travels. First they get his take on his Flitefest experience,then he shares his crazy experiences of being in the deep dark confines of Chernobyl. Thanks for listening.

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Josh Bixler, Josh Scott, Austin Furey and Alex Zvada with another Flite Fest edition of the podcast! 

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Chris,Wayne,Andre and guest host Mike Finley from the FT community podcast share some of there favorite moments from one of the largest RC electric flying events in the world,Flitefest2016.Thanks for listening.

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Join Chris,Mike,Andre and David as they break down the good and bad of the new Eflite Radian XL. Find out if the long anticipated big Radian was worth the wait.Chris also gives his thought between the Phantom 3 and 4 after flying them back to back. Is the Phantom 4 worth the money? Andre fills us in on the latest happening for Flitetest 2016. Thanks for listening.

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The crazy Canadian Andre made the long trip from Ottawa to Ohio to join the rest of the FT Afterhours crew for 3 days of non stop flying Shenanigans.From tree dodging  at Wayne's, Tundra flying at Fury field to glider towing at the original FT headquarters.

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Hosts Chris Roncaglione and Mike Kuhlins talk with RCExplorer founderDavid Windestal about his Mini Tricopter. join in to hear our thoughts as we have put the mini through some serious torture tests.

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Chris,Pat and Andre talk about the new big releases,Quanum follow me drone,Elite Timber,Elite Radian XL and much more. After a couple months of flying the Elite UMX J3 Cub Chris gives us the good and the bad. Thanks for listening

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Join host Chris Roncaglione,Andre Rousseau and David Windestal as they have an epic bench flying session including new RC products,news stories, tricopters, shooting aerial video and much more.

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Scott Zimmerman is the founder of Air Bears which started out as a volunteer search and rescue organization. After a year under his belt Scott fills us in on the trials and tribulations along with some new directions there heading. If this is something you might be interested in go check them out at Airbears.org

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Chris and Mike make the yearly trip to Toledo,Ohio for the Weak Signals RC show and of course there are a few RC flying stories mixed in.

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Finally the FT Afterhours guys get to some long awaited RC crash stories.

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Special guests From RCExplorer.se David Windestal and Rotor Riot's own Chad Nowak join the FTAfterhours in studio. We discuss racing quads and what the future might hold for freestyle pilots plus hear some fantastic full scale gliding stories from Chad. Thanks for listening

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Special guests David Windestal and Adam Drain join us for this unscheduled podcast. We stole David from Chad's basement and took him out flying. Listen in to find out his thoughts on the Flyzone Beaver and the Phantom 3. Adam shares some of his wealth of WWII airplane facts and stories on the B-17. Thanks for listening!

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Today Austin got an opportunity to talk to two FT employees that not a lot of people get to hear from. Jake Marshall and Mitchell Gray join the podcast today to give some background, exciting updates and context for FT STEM - Flite Test's educational curriculum that meets national standards for the classroom and also is a great resource for summer camps, community groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, ROTC programs, church groups, home school groups and really anyone that is trying to transfer STEM skills through scratch build aviation! Find out more at www.ftstem.com

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The Afterhours crew discuss a couple top news stories and a huge list of new flying RC products from the last couple months.

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Josh, Austin, Alex, Peter and Stefan (big group today!) sit down and discuss Flite Fest, the new Drone Racing League and some very cool Flite Test updates!

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Join Chris ,Wayne,Andre and Stuart from Hobbyking as they cover every little detail and the development process of the new Durafly Tundra. thanks for listening

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Josh, Josh, Alex, Austin and Peter talk about how Flite Test started and how the business has developed into what it is today! This was a live presentation at the AMA Expo 2016. 

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Join us for one of our longest podcasts yet. The studio was packed with Chris,Mike,Pat,Scott,Andre and David. We discussed some of the newest flying and non-flying gadgets from the C.E.S. show. Debated some top news stories in the hobby, answered more questions submitted from our listeners and shared some of our favorite real life flying stories. Thanks for listening

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Chris brings in a friend of his Pat Truesdell and with Andre on the line have a Fun bench flying session about what happened in the last month of 2015.

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Join Chris and Andre as they have an in-depth interview with Hobbyking's very own Stuart Warne. Find out how he got involved in RC,his deep passion for the Durafly brand and what the future might hold. Thanks for listening

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Alex and Austin sit down to discuss the new RC registration requirement, take some voice mails and make some announcements. - More at: http://flitetest.com/articles/099-faa-discussion-w-austin-alex

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Chris,Wayne and Mike bring in special guest Fred Provost to discuss the huge uproar the Federal Aviation Administration has caused with there new small UAS registration rule.

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FTAfterhours listened to what you wanted. "Tech Talk With David" is our new segment where everyone's favorite Swede  David Windestal answers you technical questions. Let us know what you think. Thanks for listening

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Josh had a chance to interview some of the top FPV freestyle pilots in the world! We got to spend some time with some of our favorite pilots at F3Expo and even meet some new ones!

See more at: http://flitetest.com/articles/096-skitzo-charpu-mr-steele-and-finalglideaus

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Special guest and friend of the show Andrew joins Chris ,Wayne,and Andre to talk about his very cool plane that flies using cell phone towers. Wayne finally gives us the details on how he got his Radian out of the tree. Chris fills us in on this years Horizon indoor event and a few product reviews. Andre tells us how he got the shakes after the first flight since the sky mule crash at flitefest. Thanks for listening.

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Austin, Alex and Peter catch up on our project with USA TODAY, recent Flite Test developments, 360 cameras and take some voicemails!



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Wayne joins the guys after a small hiatus and we find out about the runway at his new house. Andre fills us in on the devastating crash of the HMB quad that took a few days to recover.Chris shares some of his antics he's been up to with the Phantom 3 and getting a case of motion sickness for the first time while flying FPV. Thanks for listening.

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Austin and Alex bring back the Flite Test podcast! After taking a bit of a break from the main podcast, we are back on track. We want to give a big thank you to the Afterhours crew for keeping at least a bi-weekly podcast going in our absence!

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The Afterhours crew finally drag Chad Kapper in the studio to find out why he has been traveling around the world, the latest info with Rotor DR1 and what he's working on next. Also we chat with one of the top FPV pilots Steele Davis.  

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Chris and Andre are all over the map with this one, from doing live Periscope Q&A to controversial planes to crash stories. Join them in there bench flying session for another Flitetest Afterhours podcast.

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Chris and Andre have an early morning coffee bench flying session. Everything from Andre's birthday to Questions from the Flitetest podcast forum.

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The Afterhours guys talk about what some of the new things they have been flying and also discuss the huge list of new products that have been anounced in the last couple weeks.

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Austin had a chance to sit down with Chris Thomas, Michael Gianoutsos and Alex Greve from Multi GP. We talk about the exciting past, present and future of FPV racing! 

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If you like RC crash stories this podcast is the one. Join the Flitetest Afterhours crew as they share some crazy stories from there listeners.

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Josh Bixler, Josh Scott, Alex Zvada and Stefan Ostergren round out today's episode for a fairly large podcast! We had fun catching up with Josh Scott, talking about our big FT Extra update and what's on the new frontier for Flite Test!

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The Afterhours crew sits down with Mark Lehman from MultiRC and talk about his new almost indestructible new Quadcopter the HMB235. Thanks for listening.

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We met Scott Zimmerman at Flitefest 2015 and found out about his company airbears.org and were so impressed we asked him to come on the show and talk about it. If your interested in putting your FPV or AP copter/plane to some good use listen in and find out how.

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This is a 2 part 3 hour podcast of all the crazy stuff that went on on from Flitefest 2015. Thanks for listening.

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We hosted another live podcast at Flite Fest 2015! We answered your questions and made some very significant announcements.

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Today we talk about what we have been up to lately at Flite Test. Including Flite Fest preparations, upcoming products, products we have been using and a game we have been playing! 

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Just a true bench flying session with the FTAfterhours crew. Andre Rousseau talks about his Apm quad fly away and what might have happened.

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Everyone's favorite Swede David Windestal joins the FTAfterhours crew. we find out whats been going on over there in the dark confines of David's basement.  We also surprise him with a few email questions from our listeners.

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Austin, Josh and Alex do a roundup of everything that is currently going on at Flite Test. We also "Periscope" and take some of your questions over the app! 

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Its a full studio for the FTAfterhours podcast with Chris,Wayne,Mike and Andre. Lots of Horizon Hobby talk with a review of the Parkzone Night Visionaire and some cool new products from them. Plus listen to Mike talk about his all time epic crash and recovery story.

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Its just Chris and Andre in studio for the FTAfterhours podcast for some serious bench flying with everything from Joe Nall,talking radios to crazy crash stories.

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Rutan RC Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1AMSlFq Burt Rutan is perhaps the most famous aerospace engineer in the world known for his many, many innovative designs that have marveled people for decades. He is known for dozens of designs including the Voyager which is an extremely efficient airplane designed to circle the planet without stopping or refueling. 

Burt takes a moment to fill us in on his current all consuming project the SkiGull which he shares many details with us that have not been shared before. Burt is hoping to have his new design finished in time to fly to EAA Airventure Oshkosh and display the plane. 

Perhaps Burt's most famous design, SpaceShipOne and it's mothership White Knight are now going to be released to the public through Rutan RC. We encourage you to support the Kickstarter like we did! 



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The Afterhours crew of Chris,Wayne,Mike and Andre are back at it in the studio to discuss the hot new camera platforms of the DJI Phantom 3 and the 3DR Robotics Solo. Add to that a review of the Dromida Ominus FPV drone and some great crash stories mixed in from our listeners.

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Duncan Clark is a professional cameraman who works on huge cable TV shows. He has found a way to integrate aerial photography as less expensive, more effective way to get some really unique shots for the shows he works on. 

We talk about his set up, shooting with creativity, working with television production companies, legal aspects and enconomic aspects of his job. 



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The Aftershours crew make there yearly trip to Toledo for one of the best RC shows around, Weak Signals.Chris,Wayne and Andre discuss some of the interesting new products from the show.

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Austin, Alex and Eric talk about the rapidly advancing world of aerial photography. We've been paying attention to a lot of the announcements from the 2015 NAB Show and we couldn't help but do a quick podcast on it.

 The Blackmagic Micro camera, 3D Robotoics Solo, the Phantom 3, the Connex HD downlink system, Headplay FPV headset are just a few of the things we were able to touch on. 

It's an exciting time to be in the aerial photography hobby and business! 

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If you like RC crash stories then this podcast is for you. Chris,Wayne and Andre discuss some crazy off the wall crashes.

Direct download: FTP069.mp3
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In this episode, we have an awesome time with Nic Lechner or "Nerd Nic" as he is known on the Flite Test forums and site. 

We talk about his experience doing some awesome Flite Test Foam airplane designs, how he goes about the design process and how others can get into making or modifying their own planes as well. 

Direct download: FTP068.mp3
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The Afterhours crew finally get Andre on the line and discuss a mix of crazy crash stories,some Drone controversy and AS3X stabilization.  

Direct download: FTP067.mp3
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Today we have a great chat with Jeremiah and Matt from Stone Blue Airlines. We see them often at events and enjoy their YouTube channel on making FPV simple. It was nice to sit down with them and get some insight into their business and their personal journeys. 

Direct download: FTP066.mp3
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After a small hiatus the regular FTAfterhours crew are back to discuss some very interesting crash stories and some great new products. Some being just released from the international toy fair in Germany.

Direct download: FTP065.mp3
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We had an amazing opportunity to hang out with Charpu, Tim Nilson, Andy Graber and Fred Provost (FlyingMonkey) in Florida near the main offices of GetFPV. So the natural course of action was to open up and share the discussion with you for the podcast!

We talk shop with Charpu about how he got started flying and the what the secret is to  become such a gifted RC FPV pilot in under a year.

We also talk to Tim and Andy about how they got their start in the hobby and the humble origions of their now massively successful business. With the lighting speed that the multirotor industry is advancing it is very interesting to look back at where it's come from and what the very exciting future holds. 



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Chris brings in some of the Wives Jen,Anna,Lindsey and Kimberly for a valentines episode and asks the tough questions you wanted to know.

Direct download: FTP063.mp3
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Today Josh Scott joins us to talk about FT Extra and our plans for online flight video world domination! 

Martin Luessi from BrainFPV also joins us to talk about his integrated flight control board that also has OSD all in a very small package. 

Direct download: FTP062.mp3
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in this episode of FTAH Chris,Mike,Eric and Wayne discuss the hot "Drone" topics.

Direct download: FTP061.mp3
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We decided is was defintely time to have an interview with someone from DJI!  We recently released our very first review of a DJI product, the Inspire. Also with the very recent press release from DJI regarding the flying restriction of sesitive areas such as Washington DC, expanded airport protection etc, we thought this would be a perfect time to have someone from DJI on the show. 

We want to give a big thanks to Eric Cheng for spending over an hour chatting with us. Eric is the Director of Aerial Imaging and is the General Manager of the DJI San Francisco office.



Direct download: FTP060.mp3
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The FTAftershours crew discuss a few of the new RC products from HobbyKing and Horizon Hobby and the long awaited Dream-Flight Libelle DLG Review. Of course there might be a few crash stories thrown in there.

Direct download: FTP059.mp3
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It's been a while since Josh Scott has been regularly in Flite Test content which is something we aim to fix! Meanwhile, he was able to join us for some podcast shenanigans where we discuss a recent FT Roadtrip, the dozen or so episodes we shot along the way, the DJI Inspire 1, and what Mr. Scott has been up to. 

Direct download: FTP058.mp3
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FT After Hours Crew: Chris Wayne and mike start out the new year with some great crash stories and a couple cool product reviews

Direct download: FTP057.mp3
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Today we talk to Daniel Riley from the YouTube channel "RC Test Flight". We've always enjoyed Daniel's awesome videos and fun projects. He is certainly a DIYer after our own hearts and so he was kind enough to join us for an interview. Enjoy!

Direct download: FTP056.mp3
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For the past few months we have been trying out a transmitter that is brand new to us from Graupner. We have been very impressed with the technology and I think you can expect to see a lot more of it from us in the future! Hannes Runknagel, the CEO of Graupner USA and OpenHobby.com was kind enough to let us ask him all kinds of questions about his company, product and future. 

Direct download: FTP055.mp3
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Chris,Wayne and mike discuss some winter flying tips,how more hobby companies have helped the grow industry and the usual birgade of crash stories  

Direct download: FTP054.mp3
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Josh, Alex, Austin and Peter discuss some flight control boards they have been playing with recently, an upcoming Flite Test multirotor product, why the heli-carrier episode hasn't been released yet and much more!

Direct download: FTP053.mp3
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Chris, Wayne and Mike offer up some bench flying including Horizon Indoor, a ROTOR DR1 shoot, crash stories and a bunch of new RC products 
Podcast links
Forum crash stories
Where to get all your micro motor needs
David's flying through the trees vid


Direct download: FTP0521.mp3
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Amazon Link!

Josh, Austin, Alex and Peter give an insider look at some extremely exciting things that are coming up for Flite Test. We also try something brand new... a video version of the podcast! This has been much requested and we think we may consider doing a video companion podcast once per month depending on how it is recieved. So if you like it, be sure to leave a comment and make your opinion known!!

Direct download: FTP051.mp3
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 Listen in as the FT Afterhours crew discuss a diverse set of topics including Crash stories,full scale and a beginners perspective.

Direct download: FTP050.mp3
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In this episode Josh, Austin and Peter talk about the Flite Test Mighty Minis! We wanted to make some seriously durable planes for the indoor season and I think we succeeded. 
Jen Bixler also took a moment out of her busy day to join the podcast to discuss some very exciting developments on Flite Test Store apparel! Some really fun stuff is coming by early December! We also talk about Peter's insane Heli-Carrier and how that project is coming along. Thanks for tuning in.  - See more at: http://flitetest.com/articles/049-ft-mighty-minis-heli-carrier-and-more?preview=1#sthash.SA4arQsF.dpuf

Direct download: FTP049.mp3
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The FT Afterhours crew are back with a little surprise. Listen in and find out what it could be.

Direct download: FTP048.mp3
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We have been a little bit behind on our voicemail questions lately, so we decided to start with voicemails instead of end. Thanks so much for submitting your questions and making these kinds of episodes a reality! 

Direct download: FTP047.mp3
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Tune in with the After Hours gang to catch up on all of the latest radio control releases!

Direct download: FTP046.mp3
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We have been traveling a LOT lately! We have plenty of great news for you guys and some important updates, so don't miss this one. 

Direct download: FTP045.mp3
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I'm sure you have heard about Stone Kap's new project called "ROTOR DR1". In this episode we pull in Chad Kapper and Eric Monroe to get the behind the scene details of this new and exciting web series.

Direct download: FTP044.mp3
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So what are some of the main things to look for when you crash? Find out in today's discussion! If you have some ideas about things we missed, please share them in the comments of the show notes!

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Interested in the new Parkzone Sukhoi? The Afterhours crew put it through the ringer. Listen in and find out what we like and don't like about the Sukhoi.

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