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For the past few months we have been trying out a transmitter that is brand new to us from Graupner. We have been very impressed with the technology and I think you can expect to see a lot more of it from us in the future! Hannes Runknagel, the CEO of Graupner USA and OpenHobby.com was kind enough to let us ask him all kinds of questions about his company, product and future. 

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Chris,Wayne and mike discuss some winter flying tips,how more hobby companies have helped the grow industry and the usual birgade of crash stories  

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Josh, Alex, Austin and Peter discuss some flight control boards they have been playing with recently, an upcoming Flite Test multirotor product, why the heli-carrier episode hasn't been released yet and much more!

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Chris, Wayne and Mike offer up some bench flying including Horizon Indoor, a ROTOR DR1 shoot, crash stories and a bunch of new RC products 
Podcast links
Forum crash stories
Where to get all your micro motor needs
David's flying through the trees vid


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Josh, Austin, Alex and Peter give an insider look at some extremely exciting things that are coming up for Flite Test. We also try something brand new... a video version of the podcast! This has been much requested and we think we may consider doing a video companion podcast once per month depending on how it is recieved. So if you like it, be sure to leave a comment and make your opinion known!!

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 Listen in as the FT Afterhours crew discuss a diverse set of topics including Crash stories,full scale and a beginners perspective.

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In this episode Josh, Austin and Peter talk about the Flite Test Mighty Minis! We wanted to make some seriously durable planes for the indoor season and I think we succeeded. 
Jen Bixler also took a moment out of her busy day to join the podcast to discuss some very exciting developments on Flite Test Store apparel! Some really fun stuff is coming by early December! We also talk about Peter's insane Heli-Carrier and how that project is coming along. Thanks for tuning in.  - See more at: http://flitetest.com/articles/049-ft-mighty-minis-heli-carrier-and-more?preview=1#sthash.SA4arQsF.dpuf

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The FT Afterhours crew are back with a little surprise. Listen in and find out what it could be.

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We have been a little bit behind on our voicemail questions lately, so we decided to start with voicemails instead of end. Thanks so much for submitting your questions and making these kinds of episodes a reality! 

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Tune in with the After Hours gang to catch up on all of the latest radio control releases!

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