Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

FoamAndTape: Find a little more about the newest member of FliteTest, Peter Sripol! 

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Maybe you have heard some of the main stories and information about Flite Fest but in this episode we take you into the "Behind the Scenes" of the event. There are a lot fo stories to tell, so thanks for tuning in!


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Today we chat all about flying field etiquette! We get to a TON of topics in this podcast but our main segment is what to expect at a flying event or a local flying field. Hopefully if you are backyard flyer and have been considering going out to a club or an event, this podcast is just what you needed to get out the door. :)

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Today we interview Matt Andren, Horizon Hobby's Primary Product Developer. We dig into some really fun questions with him and discuss the process of how Horizon creates new planes, discontinues popular planes and much more. 

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A live Q&A podcast from Flite Fest 2014 featuring Josh Bixler, Josh Scott, Peter SChris Roncaglione, Alex Zvada, Austin Furey & Chad Kapper. We had an absolute blast interacting with the audience and answering your questions. 

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