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This week on the new season of the Flite Test podcast, James chats with Josh B all about practical aerodynamics for RC airplanes. With many years of experience designing tens of different Flite Test planes and other aircraft, Josh provides insight into what you should be thinking about when designing and flying your own models.

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As our original in-house mad scientist here at Flite Test, we're always asked David WindestÃ¥l is up to these days. On this edition of the Flite Test podcast, new FT podcast host James Whomsley sits down with David as he records from Italy to talk about his Maker Knife Kickstarter and new RC Explorer Bicopter. 

Here are the links to David's websites! 



Make sure to check out the accompanying FTP article to view images of the Maker Knife and Bicopter as well as finding out more of those interesting details. 


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