Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

The guys embark on a new format for the podcast. Join the guys as they chat about what's going on, and why they do what they do.

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This episode includes a special guest that everyone will come to love. We chat about the reality of Remote ID, and what we are doing because of it. 

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Join the fellas as they talk about the latest and greatest happenings in Flite Test.

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Josh, Stefan and Lee chat with the community about the successes of Flite Fest 2022.

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The guys address questions and concerns from the community, and have a fun time doing it!

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Special guest BluJ flies in to help answer some questions.

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In this podcast the guys discuss the current design project of the 7 foot Flerken, a.k.a. Flerken Maximus. They also answer questions from the community regarding the project, and future ideas about the design. 

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Josh shares some personal insights about his father's impact on his RC aviation passion.

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Josh and the boys talk shop and about the new release of the FT Simple Scout XL.

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The talk about the upcoming event, and what's happening with the Founders' perks.

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Jason "The Laser Master" McQuiston joins the guys for a podcast discussing the upcoming Wings Over Edgewater event Memorial Day weekend.

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Huge thanks to our Podcast Sponsor MASTERWORKS! 

Check out: https://www.masterworks.io/ and use the Promo Code: Flite Test

Lee, Stefan and Wes chat with y'all about all the fun things happening around the shop!!

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The maker foam challenge is on!

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Stefan's birthday podcast!

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Josh and the guys talk about what going on in FT, and about a bunch of new products.

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The boys get a little off track when Josh explains where his idea for using foam board came from.

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The guys make a huge announcement regarding the new build plans.

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The last podcast before the New Year. The guys had a great time interacting with live-feed audience, and also their guest Fred Provost.

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