Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors

Josh Scott joins us today to chat about NEF, what he has been up to lately and to do lightning round Q&A

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In this episode Wayne and Chris catch up with David after being away from the gang for a couple weeks. Chris talks alittle bit about what he was doing on his trip to Florida.

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In today's episode we have a special guest from Team Hitec! Many of you probably know Nick Frederick also known for his decal hobby/business nachocheese.com Nick tells us a little bit about how he got into RC and his early adventures in 3D flying. We also discuss little bit about his involment with Team Hitec and his new decal design projects with Aerobeez.

When you are in RC for a while or are just getting into it, definitely the most eye catching of any other kind of flight is probably 3D flying.
There are so many awesome maneuvers, smoke is often involved and demonstrations are always crowd favorites. We discuss a little bit with Nick on how he eased into some more advanced flying and the best ways to get introduced to that side of the hobby. 



If you would like to leave us a voicemail, please go to speakpipe.com/flitetest

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In this episode Alex and Chris sit down with a special guests Steve Zvada and Bob Parmelee. These guys have traveled the world as pilots in the corporate world and are very passionate about RC flight. We touch on many subjects in the full scale world including sailplanes and hot air balloons. Steve and Bob share some fantastic stories from there many years in aviation.

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